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April 2022

The fear of Accomplishing my dreams

Aries Sun or Rising

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April 1 we are going to experience the new moon in your sign, this new moon indicated that in October 2022, Aries will have become the best possible version of themselves,

However, this is only possible if NOW during the first 10 days of April, you have the determination and go through an important process that is creating a challenge for your personal growth, and this is a choice, you don’t have to make yourself uncomfortable, but if you want to grow is the best that thing you can do,

This period will help you understand what aspects of your personality have made extremely difficult your ability to manifest, This is going to be a period of building boundaries and being selective with who has access to your energy and resources.

This is not a new situation, this has been happening since the beginning of February 2022, and if at that moment you failed to put boundaries at this point YOU DON’T HAVE ANOTHER OPTION BABY

(This is for a small group of Aries, if you want to continue with a personal or group project, you are going to have to start building new ways of capitalizing and new working structures to maintain the business profitable)


On April 30 we have a Partial Sun eclipse in Taurus,  when we have events in Taurus, the area of your life that gets affected is your economy, how your make money, what is the relationship that you have with your finances, and probably changes at work, NOT EVERYTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN IN APRIL, but this month will be the beginning of a process (especially because the planet Uranus is the main star on all this) when you change what do you for a living, or become an entrepreneur in manifesting a new material reality.


The days 15-20 Careful in how your expending, and unexpected surprises at work at being arise 

The days 25-30 of April are very good periods to start closing agreement and organizing paperwork if is something that you need,  but at this point, you will know who are you taking, and who and what is staying behind in this important chapter in your life that is about to end

Image by Laura Kennedy



Jupiter and Neptune will be conjunction in Pisces on April 12, 2022, this is one in a life situation, not April 12, but MARCH APRIL AND MAY, are months of deeply emotional closure, connecting with the inner self, and closing a very important chapter of your life, the good thing, is that these are giving you a great intuition and the capacity to connect with other in another level


On APRIL 16 WE HAVE A FULL MOON IN LIBRA, the last two of the weeks of the month will be all about the closure in personal or professional relationships,

These are the possible scenarios based on the events October 2021, then December 2021, and January 2022 when Venus was retrograde 

NOW REMEMBER YOU DONT HAVE ONLY LOVE RELATIONSHIPS, these last can be personal or professional as I mentioned before

These are the possible scenarios in the last two weeks:

1)  Your relationship ends because you and your partner don't share the same goals

2) Your relationship Needs an upgrade to continue

3) You and your partner are forced to understand that your differences need to be put aside in order to work for a common goal 

4) Your partner or you, are dealing with a situation that involves one of each other  families 

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