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April 2022

The fear of Accomplishing my dreams

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April brings a lot of important information, and with that comes the desire to make decisions. The question is, what was your focus at the beginning of February, and at the end of March? What are you following up on lately?

is it a relationship or is it a situation at work?

We're going to have a partial solar eclipse in your sign at the end of April, and eclipses don't ask whether or not you're ready for it. The eclipses are going to force you to star important changes whether you like it or not. 

While you have been working hard for a personal and/or professional goal, thanks to the conjunction of Venus and Mars in Aquarius, creating structure is not only necessary, but necessary and, the beginning of April can bring circumstances that will be eye-openers so you can understand what you can comprise yourself with and what you cannot, 

A good time to realize if you enjoy what you do, if you enjoy your colleagues, if you are happy in your current relationships, or whether you can start taking small steps to change the direction in which you are going


As a result of the new Moon in Aries on April 1, everything I mentioned above will have a very strong period window from March 25 until April 10.

There is a new moon in conjunction with Mercury, Chiron, and Pallas, all of these are excellent indicators that an inner battle, rather than external events, can be forcing you to reevaluate your emotional behaviors.

The new moon cycle, which reaches its end on October 9th, is a good time for stepping back and watching yourself and others' reactions. If you refuse to embrace the lesson, you will no longer have the option later in the year.

I am not trying to be negative just telling you the facts. This new moon is a great time to start moving forward from negative situations because the eclipses are going to be the best for you,


As we approach the last two weeks of this month, we'll be exposed to the full moon's energy in Libra. So, in the last two weeks, all the variables I talked about earlier will start to show themselves through a change at work or a change in your health.

your know what is best for you, and only you can make the decisions and make space for all the gifts of the universe that are coming your way or just continue until is inevitable 

Image by Clarisse Meyer




Jupiter and Neptune will be conjunction in Pisces on April 12, 2022, this is a one in a life situation, not on April 12, but MARCH, APRIL AND MAY, very important months to network,  start building projects with a group of people, connect with different social circles that will become your tribe, also connecting a with a special friend that comes to support you and maybe opening doors for you. In the long term, you will be able to see, who in your social circle could become an important clue for professional development; this alignment is extremely important because happens 1 time every approximately around 170 years


Because Jupiter and Neptune are in conjunction in Pisces.

A friend could be opening the doors or a new social life, letting you on new adventures. for other Taurus, the ones who just went to a breakthrough or the ones who are single, connecting with different groups of people will bring important connection along the line, with time this will lead you to meet someone very special, that can become a lover or partner


WARNING, so much energy in the sign of Pisces is amazing, but it can be like a drug as well, and if you are not ground it enough, you can be confusing a friend with a lover, be careful with falling into a platonic relationship, the month of May will finish breaking relationships that are not for you

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