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At the end of March, a plan could have gotten stuck, or not resulting in the way that you were planning. The opportunity to move forward with the plan will present itself at the end of April, but it appears that there will be some arrangements to make for the project to continue


We have the new moon in Aries on April 1st

Your social life, your friends, and group projects, as well as the areas of friendship and platonic love in your life, will be at the forefront in the first 10 days of the month,

Your social life will be on fire but this will also be an important moment to open your eyes and see who in your social circle is adding value to your life and who are energy vampires. Have patience if you're dealing with a difficult co-worker at this time.

It is a good new moon to review a project and to get out of your comfort zone to do the necessary changes to a personal goal. Sometimes we have to become uncomfortable to get a good result.


From the 15-23rd

Your planet Mercury will be conducting Uranus and squaring Saturn

Surprise and information’s can come, but also the opportunity of going ahead and having the ability of not waiting for the changes to come but choosing them, especially if whatever you are working on right now may be resulting in more expensive than you were originally expecting 

(In return, some of you will get a promotion you've been working for, and for others, you'll get the chance to cut off what's not right for you).


From the 23-30rd

Venus and Mars will be in good alignment 

It's a good time to start investing yourself in a new goal that is definitely for you. Some places and some people are waiting to meet you in MAY because your social life will become key for your personal and professional development

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Jupiter and Neptune are going to be in Pisces on April 12, 2022. This is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, not only on April 12, but in MARCH APRIL, AND MAY, which are specific times when many Geminis will be starting something new in their professional lives. Though it will take a while, this marks the beginning of something important.

MAYBE NOT FOR EVERYONE RIGHT NOW, because as mentioned before you need to let go of what is not for you anymore, so the right team or support will help you in this new important chapter for you

Many of you but NOT ALL will accomplish important dreams in these months and the ones who didn't will be able to start working FOR THEM so when we get to November, the results will come 


The beginning of the month will be clue to start understanding which relationships are romantic vs which are platonic. Also, don't lie to yourself in this process 


The full moon in libra on April 16, comes with the conclusion of a chapter that started last October, at that point, an important situation in romantic life was the huge focus, because, for some of you, SOMEONE was giving you head, because mercury was retrograde, However, this las 14 days of the month this cycle is ending,

There are two possible scenarios 

1) Your relationship will be going through a period of broken trust and now we have to determine of whatever or not you guys will continue

2) your relationship needs an urgent change in the sexual activities

3) If you are just dating, this person could be hiding something 

4) One of you is going through an important change that is going to be complicated 

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