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April 30 is going to be a solar partial eclipse in Taurus, when we have events in Taurus the area of ​​your chart that gets affected is family home, private life, and where you live


The Eclipses, as I mentioned in the audio, are events that bring changes whether you like it or not and your changes will be all bout dealing with changes in your stability. I know some of you were forced to take on a responsibility that did not correspond to you, while others had serious situations with members of their family, either because of an argument or because a family member went through some circumstance and you had to be the responsible adult (Saturn in your sign) all this could be happening since last year

Well now we come to the eclipses in Taurus, and now this is going to be about releasing responsibilities that do not correspond to you, and for many others, it will be changing where they live, either because they are physically moving to another place or because you are achieving sales personal goals.


 ALL OF THIS IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN IN APRIL, BUT IT WILL HAPPEN IN THE NEXT FEW MONTHS, although you were already able to experience part of this in February and March


On the first of April, we have the new moon in Aries, the new moon has a very powerful energy to seal contracts and reach agreements, THAT'S WHY I mentioned the eclipse before because the events are connected, we are going to feel this energy since the first days of April,

NOW, this is not something that the universe is going to do for you, this is called available  energy, and if for you to do something about it

Bullet points of the new moon for you:

 a) Good 10 days to sign agreements and documents

b) Start studying what you always wanted or you maybe need for a specific reason

c) Conversations at work, about your performance so later on your position can change

d) Brothers or cousins ​​are going through an important moment of growth, but you will not really realize it until May

e) Plan trips or strategies about plans that you have in MAY or JUNE

Image by Allef Vinicius


The environment


Jupiter and Neptune are going to unite in Pisces on April 12, this is a situation that we are going to experience this generation, but not the ones to come because this happens every 170 plus years. This not only influences on April 12, but all of March, all of April, all of May, and November, this is about fulfilling a dream about your economic stability, or great growth at the economic and profit levels,

this is not going to happen all at once

IN MARCH AND APRIL, they are forcing you to leave old spending habits that you have had,

 and if you are already mature you probably concluded that this is the  year where you will have the opportunity to build generational wealth

For others, who are spending with no control, the lessons are coming your way, so that in November you can take advantage of this energy and have a positive grow



The full moon in Libra on April 16 It affects goes from April 10 to 30

These are the bullet points of the full moon it will vary depending on your situation 

a) Leaving toxic places or relationships  

b) An unexpected but necessary trip

c) Having been able to reach agreements in the first weeks of the month and now execute them little by little

d) Enroll in the course at the beginning of the month and now start looking for what is needed for that course that starts in May


d) Legal matter that you were not expecting but has a solution 

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