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Cancer Sun or Rising

Monthly Horoscope 

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April 1st to the 10, we will be under the influence of the New Moon in Aires, when we have events in Aries, the areas of your life that gets affected are your professional life, you personal and professional goals. This is a very powerful energy to star doing small changes that even if they are uncomfortable, they will prepare you for an important period of growth that comes in the following months. However, this will not  be possible if you don't take action NOW. In addition, this is also an important period to check what is the reason of your determination, what are your actual motivations and who are you trying to prove something. It is wroth it?


On April 30th, It will be on effect the new moon in eclipse in Taurus, (LSTEN TO IMPORTANT INFO), For you this eclipse will be affecting the area of your chart that has to do with your friends, social life, group and personals projects. Although, this changes will be happening progressively in the following months, because this is a partial eclipse. From the beginning on April, you need to have an eye open on which connections can be important for your personal or professional development later on the year, and I understand it the past months (the end of march, beginning of February)something didn't work, or maybe someone broke the personal trust that you gave them. Girl/Boy, some people come into our lives to bring important lesson about who we are. However, that doesn't mean we cant trust anyone again. Later in May, someone will be trying to help tremendously at work or in life

If you learned the lesson of how to put healthy boundaries, the beginning of an important project is very well expected. But, if you didn't, the universe is an amazing teacher and IT WILL REPEAT THE LESSON


On the 16 of April we have the full moon in Libra, because of this situation, all the focus of attention will go to your personal life, family, home and stability the last two weeks of the month. Be careful to who you are opening the doors or your house or your personal life. But this two weeks are amazing to create emotional stability and understand who can be on your side to create the future that you want, and who cant stay by your side.  

Image by Octavian Rosca



Jupiter and Neptune will be conjunction in Pisces on April 12, 2022, this is a one in a life situation, not only the 12 of April, but MARCH APRIL AND MAY, are a specific period to accomplish goals that you tough the were impossible in the past, but also first we need to discard others goals that don't align to who we are anymore

(for some Cancers, The opportunity to solve a legal issues that involves documents is also very possible specially at the end of April, some others will have to wait until November )


@The beginning of the month will be important for your serious relationships to actualize your relationship agreements 

#15-22 unexpected surprises may arise, depending of who you are seeing and depending of your relationships as well, specially in friends and platonic relationships


%The last two weeks of the month, cam be tense with a family member or a partner about each other values. ( a lot will depend of what happened in this relationship in December and January)

#15-20 HOT HOT HOT SEX to those who are single ready to mingle.


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