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Scorpio  Sun or Rising

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On April 12 we have the Jupiter and Neptune  conjunction in Pisces, This happens once in a lifetime,  March April and May, are important months of connection with your inner child, coming back to the basics and decide what you want now IN LOVE OR IN YOUR PROFESSIONAL LIFE,

# Many Scorpios will be opening their hearth again little by little,

! Many others will experience being moms for the first time

$ Many will be growing in the relationship with the children or is an important moment in the life of one of them


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On April 30th we have the new moon eclipse in Taurus, and as I explain in the audio the eclipses are important events that bring mandatory changes in a designated area of your life; Taurus is the area of your chart that covers personal and professional relationships, this is not going to happen all in April but, in the following months

Now, this eclipse is going to make changes in your current relationships or the beginning of a new one, for others, the end of something that was not a relationship anymore, or never was a relationship in the first place

but I do see many Scorpios falling in love in the next sixth months(especially because we the situation going in Pisces that you can read on ENVIRONMENT)

(From a more personal perspective, this is going to be 6 months starting in April, when you will be forced to change the way you behave in your relationships and the projection that you give from yourself to others)


At the bringing of April, we have the new moon in Aries, from the 1st-10th come a period of determination for all the signs, but this is not mandatory this is available energy,

During this period:

$ For some Scorpios bring information about changes in your work life

& Other Scorpios maybe call to make necessary changes in your lifestyle that is affecting your health but, again nothing is going to force you,

(very good new moon to start exercising BTW)

@ if you want to start implementing changes in your routines to manifest something in your lifestyle later on, this is the moment

(The question is HOW I MAKE SPACE IN MY DAY TO DAY, so the stress don't cover every part of my life)


This new moon works together with the Full Moon in Libra on April sixteen-

The last two weeks of the month bring the opportunity of a big detox in situations that don’t align with you anymore because at that point,you will be focusing on your long term stability  

# This two weeks after the full moon is very possible that you see changes in your position at work, but this is for the better trust me, and you knew this beforehand

% For others, it’s time to take a personal decision that it’s the best for your stability, or that involves members of your family,

& IF you are waiting for information that you need to know in you are going to stay in a certain place, 23rd-20th important information comes 

PD: a 15-23rd period of surprises in your relationship, and it looks like the other party is going to be acting unpredictable( this can be very hot or very bad)

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