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April 2022

The fear of Accomplishing my dreams

Capricorn Sun or Rising

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The new moon in Aries on April 1 opens an important period of 10 days where all the focus goes to your private life, family, who, and where you live with,

This is a powerful period to focus on your emotional and economic stability so later in the month your professional goals can be achieved with no drama


For some Capricorns, these can be uncomfortable moments and have to deal with generational trauma

From what I can see later on the year, you will be obligated to let go of the control you want to have over certain things,

This aspect of your personality doesn't belong to you;

You have inherited this from your family and now is stopping you from manifesting a life/work balance that is overdue for some of you

I can guarantee that an important beginning in your family is coming

two more possible points:

1) these first two weeks of the month could bring news about your economic and emotional stability that requires action

2) you may find out maybe that a new member of the family is on the way 


The full moon in libra on April 16, marks the energy of the rest of the month, its effects can start as early April 10, this full moon brings good and not soo good energy

The full moon will be squaring Pluto in your sign and trine to Saturn in Aquarius. 

As I mentioned before, you are going to be forced to let go of the control that you have over the certain situation in your work life or the position that you are used to be occupying,

This Full moon is all about balancing things to be fair,

and in the long term, it will bring  in more productivity for the company


(Two weeks two focus in your work life, pay attention to how much a project is changing and be realistic if this upgrade is inevitable,

 you have two options go with the change or be forced to do so)

The amazing part of April is that economic issues that could have been presented at the end of March are going to be solved the last week of the month

Image by Brooke Cagle



Jupiter and Neptune will be in conjunction in Pisces on April 12th,2022, this is one  in a life time situation, not only April 12 but for you, all this year will be about new experiences and opening your mind. From March until the end of the year, you will start seeing the world from a different perspective,

This will help you learn how to create evolution on your personal projects but you have to accept that you cannot continue doing the things as you did in the past

 (brother or cousins ​​will have a great growth that can challenge the way you understand the meaning "success" a close relative in the next month could be challenging everything that you used to know about personal evolution


For you the most important astrological event in the love business, is the eclipse in Taurus at the end of the month, Remember we have been talking about changes, well the following month will be all about new experiences on a personal level or in your marriage 

Potentially scenarios of the following two months

1 someone very different may soon come into your life and from what I see is someone who brings many teachings

2 surprise pregnancies

3 start major changes in a relationship 

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